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25 years in Latvia – construction company Merks celebrates milestone anniversary

September marks the 25th anniversary of the construction company Merks in Latvia in 1997. In total, the company has completed more than 150 different construction projects, including housing for more than 2,200 families and buildings under construction.

Over 25 years, Merks has become one of the industry leaders in Latvia and its name has become synonymous with quality and reliability. Buildings constructed by the company have become landmarks of Riga and the largest Latvian cities, such as the Great Amber concert hall, the multifunctional Arena Riga, Saules Akmens office tower and Akropole shopping and entertainment centre. In total, Merks have built 18 production facilities, 17 shopping centres, 16 education establishments and 14 office buildings. The largest among those is the Akropole multipurpose centre with 98,000 m2 of indoor space and nearly 16 hectares of surrounding area with full amenities.

“In our 25 years of existence, we have accumulated invaluable experience and skills to together create a progressive and inspiring environment for the people of Latvia.  On behalf of the whole Merks team, we would like to wholeheartedly thank our partners for placing their trust in us over the past 25 years! ” says Andris Bišmeistars, Member of the Board and Construction Director of Merks. “Looking ahead, Merks is aiming to become Latvia’s most environmentally friendly real estate developer in the next five years, increasingly focusing on the use of sustainable materials and renewable resources in our projects. To control and plan costs, we are certainly going to expand the standartisation of project solutions as Merks not only builds objects for external customers, but also designs and builds for-sale apartment projects aimed at young families.”

“Along with the shift in the general business strategy and increased focus on real estate development, the Merks mājas brand, combining all residential projects by Merks under a single roof, was launched in 2021. The results of our efforts will become visible this year, as we are expecting to deliver more than 350 apartments by the end of year. This will be the highest number of apartments delivered in one year in the history of Merks,” says Mikus Freimanis, Member of the Board of Merks mājas. “It is clear that the nearest future is going to bring many challenges, however it will also be a great opportunity for Merks mājas team to create contemporary homes for different customer segments. We are certainly going to continue to delight the residents of Riga with new inspiring projects.

Making a practical contribution to the society of Latvia is just as important as creating modern urban environment. For this reason, over the past years Merks has been a dedicated supporter of various sports and recreation projects and a promoter of education in engineering and construction fields. One of the most satisfying highlights has been the launch of cooperation with the Children and Adolescent Resource Centre in the campaign Everything Starts from Home aiming to bring awareness of mental health issues among adolescents and offer support. Another ambitious project is scheduled to be inaugurated at the end of the year. The Merks Green Track – a freely accessible outdoor activity and cross-country skiing track – is nearing completion in Zaķusala and will promote access to active recreation for the residents and visitors of Riga.

The construction company Merks is part of the construction and real estate group Merko Ehitus traded on the NASDAQ Tallinn stock exchange.