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The most advanced biscuit production plant in North Europe to be ready soon: a time capsule has been laid

Today, May 11, a special time capsule was laid in the foundations of Orkla Biscuit Production plant to leave a message for the generations to come. Participating in the ceremony were Orkla Group Executive Vice President Ingvill Tarberg Berg, Orkla Biscuit Production CEO Johan Uddin, Minister of Economy of Republic of Latvia Jānis Vitenbergs, Head of the European Commission’s Representation in Latvia, Zane Petre, Chairman of Ādaži Municipality, Māris Sprindžuks, as well as Jānis Zilgme, Merks Deputy Director of Construction.

The new and more than 30,000 m2 wide production plant with 13 production lines will specialize in production of biscuits and wafer and will be the largest such production plant in the Nordic countries and the Baltics. In addition to construction, more sizable investments will follow in new equipment and production lines, resulting in the largest investments made in the Latvian food industry in recent years and creating around 300 new jobs. These will be the most remarkable Orkla investments made in the Latvian food sector in the past five years.

Construction of the production plant was started in November 2020 and its launch is planned for the end of this year. The whole project is scheduled for completion by 2023, so that the production plant could be operated at full capacity. As a result, wafer and biscuit production will be moved from Kungälv in Sweden and Artilērijas Street in Riga to Ādaži. The new production plant is located at 8 Laimas Street in Ādaži, next to the Laima production plant which opened last year.

“We started out with a vision – a vision of concentrating all Orkla’s biscuit production operations in a modern, efficient and, above all, sustainable factory. Today, everyone can see that this vision is becoming a reality. The new biscuit production plant will secure Orkla’s future competitiveness, enabling us to focus investments on new technology, increase cost effectiveness and create a stronger production platform. The new production plant will give us the opportunity to create new products, offer innovations and continue developing our strong local brands, said Orkla Group Executive Vice President and Orkla Confectionery & Snacks CEO Ingvill Tarberg Berg, as she was placing packages of already existing products into the time capsule.

Economics Minister Janis Vitenbergs says: “I am proud of every business representative who does not stop and implements projects for the future growth and international competition. Orkla is thinking about a long-term development and is expanding its capacity even more, at the same time, upgrading production processes that will allow to manufacture products for markets in other countries here in Latvia. The new plant will ensure a visible contribution also to Latvia’s economy, providing welfare to many residents. I wish the company to continue its course of success!”

“The European Green Course has ambitious goals. It is clear that the private sector will play a significant role next to decision makers in the public sector and international arena in implementation of the Green Course goals. They should work all together in close gear with scientific and technological achievements, paying close attention to promoting circular economy and smarter use of resources. Implementation of the sustainability and Green Course principles is the key to the company’s success and efficiency today,” said Zane Petre, the Head of the European Commission Representation in Latvia

“We want to express our gratitude for the opportunity to participate in the construction of the new biscuit and wafer plant of Orkla Biscuit Production. Selga products are a staple in every household. They make unforgettable childhood memories and flavors which through this production plant will be passed on to the generations to come,” says Andris Bišmeistars. “The burying of the capsule is a symbolic event, therefore we chose as our tribute a specially woven bookmark with traditional Latvian patterns symbolizing strength and luck, so that it brought success to the company in its further development.”

Māris Sprindžuks, Chairman of Ādaži Regional Council, said:“I am truly glad that through constructive and consistent work an environment and infrastructure have been created in Ādaži allowing for the construction of the largest production plants in the Baltics and Scandinavia. I am proud that the new biscuit and wafer plant of Orkla Biscuit Production is being built in the Ādaži municipality,” as he placed a copy of a local newspaper into the time capsule.