High quality follows good ideas

Merks’ versatile and experienced specialists will find the perfect solution in every situation. Keeping our promises and maintaining quality and flexibility are the values we care about.

  • General construction

    General construction includes a variety of buildings: commercial and office buildings; retail and entertainment centres; hotels and spas; and public sector, residential, and specialised industrial buildings.

    Merks provides strategic consulting and quality comprehensive solutions as part of the general contracting service of construction according to the client’s requirements: preparation, design, construction, interiors and a warranty service.

    Buildings for today and future

    We execute the preliminary plans of designer so that the buildings we construct and city territories we develop are sustainable and attract more new people, investments and development opportunities in the future. Our aim is to build comfortable and aesthetic buildings for today and the future.

    In more than twenty years Merks has completed more than 120 public buildings in Latvia, including municipal buildings with a social function, production units and boiler houses.

    The work that has been invested in the construction of public buildings is evident in such vital structures as hospitals, kindergartens, banks, trade centres and other buildings which are designed to be functional and to serve the needs of society on a daily basis.

    General construction works

Merks as a
construction partner

As one of the largest construction companies in the Baltic states, we value professional and quality-oriented cooperation. We are open-minded and flexible, and we apply practices based on long-term experience and innovative technical solutions to ensure the best result for the client.

Our experience

We had a clear vision and task when we established the company – to offer our clients the most suitable, advanced and profitable solutions. Our aim is the construction of high-quality and aesthetic buildings for today and the future. The quality of work is guaranteed by our acknowledged experts; every year, our construction engineers are among the winners of the competition “Construction Engineer of the Year in Latvia”.

Did you know that

The Building Industry Digitalisation Association has assessed the company Merks’ experience and processes working in the building information modelling environment (BIM), assigning, as for the first of general constructors, the level of BIM basic competency in 2018. And our colleague, Jānis Dzenis, received the award for Best BIM Specialist of 2020 in the prestigious competition “Construction Engineer of the Year 2020”.

Merks ranks 3rd among the largest real estate developers in Latvia, having sold 24.7 million euros worth of apartments in new projects, as evidenced by the “Market review of new and renovated apartments in Riga and Pieriga 2020” by Colliers real estate consulting company.

In the competition “The Most Energy Efficient Building in Latvia 2020”, the new project Merks Gaiļezera nami won 3rd place in the category “Most energy efficient apartment building – new building 2020”. In turn, Concert Hall “Latvija” and Ventspils Secondary School of Music won 1st place in the category
“The most energy efficient public building 2020”.

Concert Hall “Latvija” takes 1st place in the competition “Sustainability in Architecture, Construction, Design 2020”. 13 different energy efficiency technologies were implemented in the construction of Ventspils Secondary School of Music and Concert Hall “Latvija”, applying both sustainable construction
technologies and environmentally friendly and long-lasting materials, thus saving energy resources significantly.

The Akropole shopping and entertainment centre is the largest construction project in the portfolio of Merko Group. With a total of 98,000 m² of indoor space, the building offers around 12,000 m² of office premises. Akropole was the first shopping centre in Latvia to be awarded the international BREEAM Certificate for both the design and construction stages (with a “very good” rating). The construction work was performed by the consortium of Merks and Mitnija.

Dozens of projects under way

We build not only objects, but also the environment, inspiring others and contributing to growth. People’s needs and technologies will change, but our solutions will always ensure that the environment serves the people.